Airship Online Studio DOX+

february 2021

Viktor Haissinger

Let TATA BOJS into your living room on February 21st.
A special concert was at Airship Online Studio DOX +! TATA BOJS IN THE CAPTIVE OF MUSIC /baptism ONE ZERO OnLive/

And we, Audiolight, were a proud co-producer of this extraordinary event.

As is customary with the Tata bojs, the concert and the baptism of the novelty One Zero was in many ways different from the live streams as we mostly know them.
Fans got a unique opportunity to watch all the action, including the "behind the scenes". "The scene will be situated in a circle with the help of such towers from empty technical boxes. We focus all our attention on the space thus defined and at the same time show the work of all our co-workers. Concerts and culture, in general, are not just people on stage, but it's a whole team, without which no event could take place, and this time we want to draw them all nicely into the events on stage. They will become actors and spectators together with us at the same time. The imaginary centerpiece of the scene is a giant disco ball symbolizing all performers in a circle of spectators and listeners. She is given all the attention, ”explains Cais. (from the press release)

Tickets were on sale through the GoOut portal. The offer includes standard tickets but at the same time a ticket with the subtitle "we are watching two or the whole family" and a special category intended for true heartthrobs who wanted to support the band beyond the possibilities offered.