Legito Legal Disruptors 2020

Forum Karlín

120 hostů

august 2020

Lukáš Cerman

The annual Legito Legal Disruptors 2020 conference is for lawyers who want to continue their education and development.
Legito Legal Disruptors focused on current trends in legal innovation and presented remarkable stories and case studies on automating the creation and management of documents. There was a great lineup of speakers, such as David Lat and Nicholas Hawtin.

We have provided a highly effective experience for our innovative client. The event gave us space to invent a multi-stage podium with an LED set. We created a space for both the speaker and the guest discussions in the middle of the stage.
Once again, we have pushed the boundaries of the traditional conference. Our stage and lighting design has elevated the mere transmission of information to the audience into an engaging spectacle.

We love what we do.
We do events!