Your event, your choice! Revealing e-cigarette BLU

Auditorium Galerie DOX+

400 hostů

october 2019

Nikola Netušilová a Viktor Haissinger

Festive event "Your event, your choice" for Imperial Tabacco on the occasion of launching new BLU brand products on the Czech market in the presence of journalists, partners and influences.

Our services for this event included the design and implementation of a method for detecting vaporizers and presenting flavors; sensitive but significant branding of the entire Auditorium area; and for the actual unveiling and demonstration of the product, we used a hanging, illuminated box hiding the flavors of the e-cigarette, which was launched to the professional public at the appropriate moment. Our creative team also produced a 3D animation of the BLU device, which accompanied the ceremonial unveiling.

So as the name of the event says: Your event, your choice. And we follow that.