Lenka Dusilová & Řeka Ensemble - baptism of the album Řeka

The New Stage

400 guests

december 2021

Michal Stehlík

Absolutely perfect end of 2021.
Enthusiastic audiences, amazing artists, and subsequent positive responses charged us, and hopefully all participants, with positive energy for the next year.

Lenka Dusilová christened the album Řeka on the New Stage of the National Theater on December 20, 2021, for which she won awards in three categories of the Anděl 2020 Music Awards (album of the year, song of the year, and solo performer of the year). Lenka Dusilová promises visitors "an audiovisual concert delicacy that offers a deeper sensory experience and immersion in the music of the Greek album.
The concert is also part of the Spectaculare 2021 festival and also touches on the Monument / um project, as part of the entrance fee will go to help selected monuments."
source: https://www.narodni-divadlo.cz/en/