UNYP Arena

450 guests

september 2021

Martin Harčarik

TEDxUNYP 2021 was an event bringing together a keen mind that brings new ideas across a range of topics. It aimed to motivate learning, to be inspired, to think, and at the same time to provoke a discussion that makes sense.

Audiolight service provided the whole event from a technical point of view from the design of the stage, through decoration, sound, lighting, and large - scale LED projection. We took care of handling the live input of TikTok creator Alessandro Bedetti using the so-called "Mirroring" = live display of the device (in this case a mobile phone) on the projection screen. We also participated in the display of the VR lecture by Mr. Artur Sychov, we sounded the singing performance of Juwana Jenkins and the folklore ensemble Mladina from Pilsen.