Concert for Memory of Nation

Forum Karlín

3500 guests

october 2019

Michal Stehlík

The day of 28 October became a memento of past events - a celebration of the holiday and a reminder of 30 years of freedom. A number of musicians, artists and speakers met on two stages in the Prague Forum Karlín. The performers participated in the whole memorial event without any claim for a fee and the proceeds from the whole concert went to the Memory of Nation collection. It aims at historical-political awareness of the public by telling the true stories of eyewitnesses.

As part of this event, we have applied our experience in the field of music events of a festival character, which is characterized by its difficulty and diversity. Although our privileged domain is the conference industry, the festival challenge was not alien to us. We managed to seamlessly interconnect the musically diverse performances with the speeches of the speakers, while fully respecting the wishes for the technical realization of each performer.

We are very glad that we could be there and participate in the good things that make sense.
More information about the fully sold benefit concert can be found on the website of the organizer, the non-profit organization Post Bellum, HERE.