Poď si tour 2019 Barbora Poláková in Forum Karlín

Forum Karlín

2500 guests

November 2019

Michal Stehlík

Barbora Poláková performance at the Prague Forum Karlín was not only a musical but also an acrobatic act.
Along with the performer other famous celebrities met on the stage, such as snowboarder Eva Samková or actress Martha Issová.
The singer also flew over the heads of fans.
Bára Poláková team left us completely free hand in scenic creation, which allowed us not only to make the whole realization – e.g. LED choice, their location etc. – but also to introduce new technologies and methods.
We seized this opportunity and proved our absolute technical innovation Robospot.
The Robospot with MotionCamera enabled us to control multiple Robe BMFL lights at the same time and to create completely synchronous, purely coherent light effect.
Also unconventional was the STM S118 subbasses placement, which were suspended as a bunch of grapes from PA system on the sides, ensuring a compact homogeneous sound throughout the hall.
Free field of activity convinced us again that the use of new technologies and unconventional methods can work well and look great.
We would like to thank the whole Bára Poláková team for the opportunity to participate in this unique performance realization, which was without a doubt unforgettable for all participants.