ILSF 2019

Forum Karlín

400 guests

may 2019

Lukáš Cerman

Again, we were able to participate in a unique conference of its kind - Innovative Legal Services Forum in 2019.
The fourth edition of the conference presents highly acclaimed speakers from the US, UK and Canada. It is worth mentioning Jordan Furlong and Brian Kuhn.

We put emphasis on the scene this year. LED wall on the main stage was a classic size for the speaker above it but we continued to build and pulled her up to the ceiling, where the individual panels screen "disintegrated". The projection created an interesting spectacle that did not escape the guests. Furthermore, the stage itself was intriguing, which was divided into imaginary zones only by it height. Here we used Robe Patt lights on the right side. It has created a more intimate atmosphere for talkings between guests.